Manors at Westridge Florida Vacation Rental Villas  
Manors at Westridge Florida Vacation Rental Villas

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Find a Florida Vacation Rental Villa at the Manors at Westridge, Florida
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Manors at Westridge Orlando, Florida rental Villas




Manors at Westridge Picture2Movie showcase DVD for your Florida Rental VillaFlorida Villa Network would like to provide you with another great marketing tool for your Florida villa investment. A feature packed Picture2Movie  DVD.

Would you like a new type of marketing tool to capture potential guests?
Think a movie would be too expensive?
Unless professionally captured, it would not really promote your villa the way you would like.

Well, we believe we have the perfect solution for you. A Picture2Movie  DVD.

View an Example Picture2Movie Buy Now


 FloridaVillaNetwork will integrate your digital pictures and blend them into a magical slideshow customised just for your villa. This will wow your future guests and best of all, they can show their friends too, which will further promote your villa. What is special about this product? FloridaVillaNetwork will hand edit add movement to your digital pictures and add special affects like pan, zoom and transitions that bring your pictures to life. We also add background music and titles, all provided on a personalised DVD disk which you can give to your guests. To top it all we include 1 year free hosting on our web servers so you can link your Picture2Movie to your website and show all those guests your showcase villa. Finally it can now also be output to various devices like an iPod or certain mobile phones.

Your Picture2Movie  DVD Features:

ª Up to 80 pictures of your villa compiled into a slideshow  
ª Basic enhancement & colour correction  
ª DVD Menu  
ª Picture movement (pan, scan, zoom)  
ª Background music  
ª Your contact information incorporated into the show Picture2Movie DVD - Putting your customers in the picture
ª Customised DVD disk with your villa and contact details  
ª One presentation DVD Case Picture2Movie DVD presentation movie of your villa
ª Four further DVD disks  
ª Approximate running time is 12 mins (depends on the number of pictures)  
ª Free Florida Intro show to tempt guests to Florida  
ª 1 years free hosting of your show on our servers  
ª As an added bonus for Manors at Westridge owners we will also include a free slide show of the Manors at Westridge which will give your guests a great feel of the area they are going to stay in. This adds up to approximately a 20 min movie for your villa and will give you a real competitive edge in getting those rentals in and provides optimum quality combined with excellent value for money..
£100 GBP
(Normally £125)
Payments will be shown as
360 Media Studio Ltd


Optional Extras

If you would like to further enhance your villa advertising why not consider one of these fantastic optional extras, which once again provide excellent value for money.

o       Put your show (villa only) on an iPOD or mobile phone



o       Extras Photos (per 40 pics)


o       Extra enhancement work on your pictures (per 40 pics)


o       Individual photo captions (per 40 pics)


o       Extra copies of your DVD (per 5 disks, same format)


o       Customised presentation DVD box



o       Additional format DVD (PAL or NTSC)

(per DVD)

o       Additional format DVD (Standard (4:3) or widescreen (16:9))

(per DVD)

o       FloridaVillaNetwork can complete a photo shoot for you so that you have a set of high quality pictures, including a web format set.


o       Website Design


More Info

o       Website hosting and domain names


More Info

o       360 Virtual Tour


All prices exclude VAT.


Output to an iPOD

Additional Ideas

Why not order some additional disks and send them to your guests when they return as a memory of their stay at your villa.

We can also put together slide shows for a whole host of other occasions, here are some examples. 


o        Birthdays

o        Baby showers

o        Wedding Services

o        Engagements

o        Wedding Anniversaries

o        Business Anniversaries

o        Graduations

o        Award ceremonies

o        Meetings



o        Retirement

o        Corporate Events

o        Company History

o        Family History

o        Biographies

o        Autobiographies

o        Memorials

o        Yearbooks

o        Scrapbooks


To purchase now download this form and follow the instructions.

To enquire about one of our fantastic Florida Villa Network services please contact us on +44(0)118 927 2435, alternatively you e-mail us via our website. 

Florida Villa Network
“Putting your guests in the picture”



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